The Inventors of Whisky Investments

Scotch Whisky Investments was born out of pure passion for single malt Scotch whisky. When founder Michel Kappen decided to quit his job at Rabobank in 2002 and focus on the world of his much beloved single malt Scotch whisky, he didn’t know yet that he would discover a new investment opportunity. He started his new career as the Whisky Talker and held lectures and tastings all over the Netherlands, selling bottles of single malt Scotch.

Unprecedented historical return

During his time as Whisky Talker, Michel Kappen also did extensive research into the price development of 620 different whiskies that were bottled between 1936 and 2007 and offered for sale on the market. This research showed that in the period under review the value of single malt Scotch whisky increased by 6.6% on average each year. Armed with this knowledge, he launched his first investment products in late 2007.

Trading in bottles (and casks) of single malt whisky

We are a trading house with a financial focus that has offices in Sassenheim and Montenegro as well as its own location in Scotland. We trade exclusively in bottles and barrels of rare single malt Scotch whisky. In addition, our staff take care of the entire process from raw material to end product, from creating and managing the portfolio to the final sale.

Company milestones


Michel Kappen resignes from the Rabobank and starts as The Whisky Talker


Michel researches the historical value development of single malt Scotch whisky


Introduction of the first whisky investment products

Launch World Whisky Index


Acquisition Zagatti-collectie


Assets under management: €47 million 


Introduction Asset management with whisky.

Opening museum The Unseen Valentino Zagatti Collection.


Assets under management: €65 million

Establishment of the Scotch Whisky Investors Club


Assets under management: €100 million

Opening branch in Montenegro


Founding of our UK branch Scotch Whisky Investments Ltd

Relaunch renewed Scotch Whisky EXchange