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Our Management Team

Our Management Team

Michel Kappen

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Eran Habets

Chief Executive Officer

Dolf van Dijk

Chief Financial Officer

Denny Gieling

Chief Operations Officer

Mark Vlijm

Chief Commercial Officer

Odette de Smits

Personal Assistant to Eran Habets & Michel Kappen

Our Sales Team

Mark Veldman

Senior Investment Advisor

Jan Willem Lokerman

Client Services Director

Brigitte Geelen

Senior Investment Advisor Family Offices

Machiel Jimmink

Investment Advisor

Marjolijn de Roode

Senior Investment Advisor

Lia Schaap

Investment Advisor

Robbert van Winsen

Investment Advisor

Nathalie Verkleij

Sales Support Coordinator

Sidney Shoshan

Account Manager

Our Marketing & Event Team

Thomas van Gameren

Marketing Manager

Sanne Arts

Clients Relationship Manager

Lesley Bense

Hospitality Manager

Nathalie de Graauw

Marketing Lead THE SWEX

Marja van Velzen

Marketing Lead MO'OR

Shelley Spierenburg


Madelinde Walraven


Lucie Hubert

Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Legal & Finance Team

Weng Chie Cheung

Legal Officer

Danny van der Plas

Financial Controller

Harjot Kaur-Singh

Junior Financial Controller

Our Operations Team

Niels Klaver

Portfolio Manager

Brandon Brown

Junior Portfolio Manager

Peter Vonk

Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Sándor Beckers

Whisky Analyst

Yvonne de Jong

Storage Manager

Ramon de Noronha

IT Manager

Agnieszka Gagolewska

Support Specialist

Steve Shakadya

IT Business Analyst

Ahmet Guvenli

DevOps Engineer

Alper Tasbasi

DevOps Engineer

Ineke Bakkeren

Office Manager

Our Team in Belgium

Stein Devos


Our Team in Montenegro

Tafilj Markovic

Managing Director Montenegro

Drazen Blazic

Ambassador South-Eastern Europe - Montenegro

Our Team in Scotland

Keith Rennie

Director The Auchtermuchty Bond Ltd.

Barry Anderson

Business Operations Manager

Paula Civelek

Executive Assistant

Yvonne Copeland

HR Manager

Cameron Imrie

Whisky Analyst

Arlene Lithgow

Office Manager

Christine Neary

Finance Manager

Aimee Ross

Sales Administrator

Ahron Reilly

Warehouse & Bottling Manager

Grant Hemphill

Warehouse Manager

Maureen Wotherspon

Account Assistant

David Gilbert

Warehouse Administrator

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