Invest in a golden future

For centuries, single malt Scotch whisky has stood for class, quality and craftmanship. For the past couple of years, we can add a new feature: a serious investment opportunity.

Mastering the value

Three reasons to invest in single malt

Whisky can increase your assets

Thanks to an increasing demand, constant scarcity and a loose relationship with other financial markets, single malt Scotch whisky’s price value fluctuates less than those of listed shares. You are then exposed to fewer risks and you receive relatively stable returns every year (historical value development is 6.6 per annum)

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Whisky can enhance your portfolio

Smart investors make sure to expand their portfolio to reduce their investment risks. Scottish single malt constitutes a fully-fledge, innovative addition to a diversified portfolio. Investing in whisky combines the stability of real estate and the flexibility of equities, benefiting from the best of both worlds.

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Whisky can enrich your experience

Single malt Scotch whisky is more than a drink. It stands for heritage, the taste of the wild Highlands and unique moments with loved one. Every bottle is a one-of-kind. At a time when the world lies at our feet, scarcity and craft have never been more appealing.

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Press Release | May 1, 2023 | Sassenheim

Eran Habets appointed as new CEO

Scotch Whisky International, the Dutch company that mainly focuses on high-quality (Scottish single malt) whisky as an investment product through Scotch Whisky Investments, has appointed Eran Habets as its new CEO.

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Presenting the world's longest matured whisky

Never in history has a Scotch single malt whisky matured so long: casked in 1940, followed by 80 years of craftmanship and finally bottled by Gordon & MacPhail in 2020.

Distilled on 3 February 1940 by George Urqhaurt and his father, this Glenlivet 80-year old has been watched by generations of experts distillers within Gordon & MacPhail, before being bottled on February 2020. The bottle of this exquisite whisky was designed by renowed archited Sir David Adjaye OBE.

Scotch Whisky Investment has the honour of presenting you the first bottle of The Glenlivet 80-year old whisky, recently acquired through Sotheby’s.

The bottle was introduced by founder Michel Kappen during the Master's EXPO to our Scotch Whisky Investors Club members.

Scotch Whisky Investments unveils longest matured whisky in the world

Liquid gold

The genuine value of whisky

  • 01 The value of a bottle
  • 02 The value of a cask
  • 03 The value of the region
  • 04 The value of scarcity
  • 05 The value of time

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection 1954

Distillery: Mortlach
Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail

This 65-year-old whisky is part of an exclusive range of exceptional quality. The bottles are personally selected by the directors of Gordon & MacPhail, a family business with 125 years of experience in in bottling the finest whiskies Scotland has to offer.

Single cask number 491

Each cask in which this whisky matures is hand-picked by the Gordon & MacPhail directors. Now that’s what we call exclusivity! The reused casks are sourced from leading wineries, which accords the taste an additional fruity note of unparalleled depth.

Region: Speyside
Place of origin: Dufftown

For centuries now Speyside has been the home of the most famous single malts in all of Scotland and the region has even qualified for UNESCO world heritage status. Whiskies from Speyside are known for their gentle taste and are favoured by many a whisky connoisseur. In this respect, Mortlach is unique with its strong, elegant, smoky taste.

Limited number of 286 bottles

This 65-year-old whisky is part of an exclusive range of exceptional quality. And it is exactly this exclusivity that holds special appeal for collectors. Every time someone opens one of these 286 bottles, the value of your bottle increases. This collector's item is supplied in a splendid wooden box with a certificate of origin.

Distillation date: 27 January 1954
Bottling date: 27 March 2019

This whisky has been stored in a cask for as long as 65 years, which has improved its taste and thus its price. And the longer it remains sealed, the greater its value will be.

A bottle from this collection is currently worth €9,000. Our forecast (based on extensive research) is its value will increase to €27,000 in 10 years’ time. This means an appreciation of value by as much as 300%. So we recommend you should keep such a bottle under lock and key for a lengthy period of time!

The whisky craft

The results speak for themselves

Let time work in your favour

According to The Whisky Report 2020 by Knight Frank, the value of rare whisky has risen by as much as 586% in the past decade. Work out your potential return.

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Starting amount€100.000

Indicative charts. Expected net return between 6% and 11%, depending on investment amount, risk profile, period and market developments.

Bespoke investments

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We offer various entry-level options for an investment that meets your requirements.

Asset Management

As of €100,000

  • Term: 5 or 7 years

  • Minimum annual payout of 2%

  • No management or storage fee

  • Expected net return of 4,2%-7,4%

Investors Club

As of €250,000

  • Term: 5 or 7 years

  • Unique investment opportunities

  • Extremely rare whiskies

  • Expected net return of 5,6%-9,3%

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