Investment options

Every investor is different. This is why we offer various entry-level options for an investment which is commensurate with your aims.

Asset management

As of €100,000

  • Term: 5 or 7 years

  • Minimum annual payout of 2%

  • No management or storage fee

  • Expected net result of 4,2%-7,4%

Investors Club

As of €250,000

  • Term: 5 or 7 years

  • Unique investment opportunities

  • Extremely rare whiskies

  • Expected net result from 5,6%-9,3%

Trading partner from A to Z

Carefree asset management

In its capacity as a trading house, Scotch Whisky Investments tends on every aspect of your investments. After finding you the best whiskies to trade, we will store them in our vault in Sassenheim, the Netherlands or our bonded warehouse in Scotland. We will also arrange insurance for your investment and manage its quality. We can help you to achieve the best possible return and avoid unnecessary risks. Upon the term’s expiry, we can assist you selling your assets. In short, you have an actual investment and not a single thing to worry about!

Investment in four steps

Grow your capital without effort

I. Personal consultation

You will be invited in our office in Sassenheim to sit down with one of our ambassador. Together, you will draw up a detailed profile of your needs and requirements, providing you with appropriate information and advice.

II. Portfolio creation

Your portfolio will be structured based on your personal investment profile, to ensure you achieve an optimum return.

III. Automatic management

We will manage your portfolio in accordance with what is agreed and send you yearly returns.

IV. Liquidation

Upon the expiry of your contract (a minimum of 5 years), we will help you sell your whisky portfolio.

From raw materials to end product

A robust portfolio

 When investing in whisky, you invest in a tangible product. Here at Scotch Whisky Investments, your portfolio is always covered by  raw materials (whisky casks) and/or final products (bottles). They are registered in your name and they are your physical possessions. If you invest in bottles, you will be anticipating scarcity and, as such, the appreciation of their value. Investing in casks is less speculative, because you can still influence the creation of value. Wealth Manager Marjolijn de Roode explains how Scotch Whisky Investments tackles these matters.

What is the difference between investing in bottles and investing in casks?

Sobering facts

Your whisky is stored in our vault. Unlike equities, it is a tangible possession.

Investors Club only

Benefit from golden opportunities

Would you like to make the most of your investment?

By investing a minimum of €250,000.00, you become a member of our Scotch Whisky Investors Club. As a member, you will benefit from better investment terms and conditions and have access to exclusive investment opportunities. Thanks to our strong buying position in Scotland, we are regularly offered special bottles and casks. With a historical yield of approximately 15%, these are true ‘golden opportunities’. And that’s not all: as a Scotch Whisky Investors Club member, you are part of a like-minded network you will be able to meet at unique events and all-inclusive trips to Scotland.

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