Discover the Scotch Whisky Investors Club

Would you like to augment your portfolio, while at the same time increasing your network and experience? Become a member of The Scotch Whisky Investorts Club by investing €250,000.00 or more and make the most of your investment!

A unique status

Benefit from golden opportunities

As a member of the Scotch Whisky Investors Club you will not only benefit from better investment terms and conditions, but also be presented with unique investment opportunities. Thanks to our strong buying position in Scotland, we are regularly offered special bottles and casks. Imagine for instance having the chance to buy Glenlivet 1952 (65 years old) or Macallan 1950 (58 years old)! With a historical yield of approximately 15%, these are true golden opportunities! And that’s not all: being a member of the Scotch Whisky Investors Club will allow you to share unique experiences which money cannot buy.

Exclusive events

Meet investors such as yourself

Perhaps the most important perk of joining the Scotch Whisky Investors Club, is that you will become part of an interesting, active group of like-minded people. You will be able to extend your network at our small-scale events, meeting other investors and members of our organisation. These events are the perfect opportunity to share experiences and build potential customer relationships. No wonder our members describe these events as ‘magical’.

Adventurous trips

Discover the country of whisky

In addition to events, we also organise exclusive, all-inclusive trips to the home of whisky. Bring your family or friends for an adventure and visit the Scottish whisky regions, such as Islay, Speyside and the Highlands (now being considered for UNESCO World Heritage status). Immerse yourself in the warm, welcoming atmosphere for which Scotland is known and get blown away by its untamed landscape, breathtaking lochs and grand vistas. Hiking, whisky tasting or a visit to the distillery of your favourite dram, everything is possible.

The Unprecedented

The world’s most exclusive whisky room

In the splendid Botanic Sanctuary in Antwerp – adjacent to our new office – we introduce a unique experience: The Unprecedented, the most exclusive whisky room in the world.

Here, members of our Investors Club can enjoy the most extraordinary Scotch single malts in a serene atmosphere. Whiskies that are so rare or old that they can no longer be obtained anywhere else in the world, let alone be poured for consumption. This never-to-be-forgotten taste experience is exclusively available to our Investors Club members by invitation.

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