What is the best way to invest? Scotch Whisky Investments has all kinds of experts to help you on your way to relatively high returns!

The best way to invest

When you have some savings and want to start creating a passive income, you might start looking for the best way to invest. Some may think slightly differently than others, but when we at Scotch Whisky Investments talk about the best way to invest, we are talking about investing in whisky. Investing in whisky brings with it some generous benefits, and what's more, recent research by our specialists shows that whisky, and particularly Scotch single malt whisky, has a historic value increase of 6.6% per year. In this text, we explain why we think investing in whisky is the best way to invest, list the benefits of investing in whisky and tell you how we at Scotch Whisky Investments can support you in the process.

Investing in Scotch single malt whisky

Is investing in Scotch single malt whisky the best way to invest? We think so, and for several reasons. First of all, whisky is a scarce and exclusive product and that, combined with the fact that it does have a high demand, leads to whisky having a timeless value that is often rising. Especially from the moment the Scotch single malt whisky reaches 25 years old, because from that 'age' its value rises exponentially. It is therefore not surprising that the Scotch single malt whisky market has come to the attention of many.

Benefit from the expertise of Scotch Whisky Investments

The specialists at Scotch Whisky Investments have been immersed in whisky investing for many years and therefore know better than anyone else the opportunities in this market. Moreover, we have commanded a good buying position with Scotch distilleries over the past decades and this, combined with a keen eye on the future, makes us your ideal partner when it comes to investing in Scotch single malt whisky. Our head office is in Sassenheim, centrally located and near Schiphol Airport, and we also use a bonded warehouse in Scotland, where we have complete responsibility over the process from raw material to finished whisky product. So we know exactly what happens to the whiskies and precise quality management goes hand in hand with that. We help you from A to Z!

Different entry options

Every investor is different and therefore for every investor the best way to invest is different. Therefore, at Scotch Whisky Investments, you can start investing in different ways so that every type of investor - offensive, defensive, short-term, long-term or neutral - can use our services. For example, you can opt for asset management or the Investors Club, but investing via platform THE SWEX is also among the Investment options. Want to know more about what the possibilities are and what we can all do for you? In our Request Brochureyou will find all kinds of information on the - what we think - best way to invest in whisky!

Start the best way to invest today!

Does investing in whisky appeal to you and would you like to find out more or get started right away? Then don't hesitate to Contactus so we can tell you all about whisky investing! From purchasing and storage to quality management and sales, we are happy to assist you in the hunt for a nice return. Call us on + 31 252 222 011 or send an email to info@scotchwhiskyinvestments.com and we will help you out!

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