Scotch Whisky Investments

We are one of the largest players in the global market for professional investments in single malt Scotch whisky. We offer clients uniquely composed portfolios consisting of casks, bottles or both. We have three locations: our head office in the Netherlands, an office in Montenegro and a storage location for the casks in Scotland.

We would love to get in touch with you. Our office can be reached by telephone on weekdays from 8:30 to 17:00 via telephone number + 31 252 222 011. Outside office hours you can send an email to

The Netherlands (HQ)

Scotch Whisky International B.V.
Industriekade 18A 2172 HV, Sassenheim (near Amsterdam airport)

T: + 31 25 22 22 011 M:


Coleburn Distillery
Elgin IV30 8SN
United Kingdom


Lustica Bay
Tivat Montenegro
T: + 31 6 509 693 25

Gevel SWI 6-12-2018

Michel Kappen

General Director

Dolf van Dijk

Financial Director

Evert Vrijenhoek

Operations Director

Jan Willem Lokerman

Sr. Commercial Advisor

Peter Vonk

Advisor Cask Management

Nathalie Verkleij

Project Manager

Marjolijn de Roode

Sr. Investment Advisor

Danny van der Plas

Financial Controller

Sándor Beckers

Whisky Analist

Yvonne de Jong

Storage Manager

Tafilj Markovic

Managing Director Montenegro

Daan Oostendorp


Stein Devos

Ambassador for Belgium

Odette de Smits

Executive Assistant

Ramon de Noronha

IT manager

Gabrielle Salvatore


Machiel Jimmink

Investment Advisor

Lia Schaap

Investment Advisor

Esther Lapère

Scotch Whisky Investors Club