Are you planning to start investing from a holding company, but do not yet know what exactly? Scotch Whisky Investments will be happy to help you!

Investing from a holding company

If you are wondering whether it is possible to invest from a holding company, we can be direct and concise: yes, you can invest from a holding company! A holding company is a corporate structure where the holding company, as the so-called 'parent company', exercises control over one or more subsidiaries, and investing from a holding company can bring several benefits. These include tax advantages and diversification of assets. Of course, there are several general steps and considerations required for investing from a holding company. For example, you obviously need to think about what you are going to invest in from a holding company. This is exactly what we at Scotch Whisky Investments have a solution for by investing in whisky, as this puts gold in your hands!

Why invest in whisky from a holding company?

Perhaps this comes as a surprise to you, as investing in whisky is not yet very well known to everyone. Nevertheless, investing in whisky is becoming increasingly attractive to serious investors, who were also quick to spot the historic rise in value of whisky - especially Scotch single malt whisky. This popularity is mainly due to the fact that whisky is a very scarce and exclusive product. Indeed, single malt Scotch whisky is still only produced on a small scale, while there is a growing demand for it at the hands of collectors and other enthusiasts, among others.

In particular, Scotch single malt whisky that is at least 25 years old is of great interest to investors, given that its value increases exponentially from an "age" of 25 years onwards. Add to this the fact that the presence of this product in your investment portfolio provides the necessary diversification, which at the same time brings more stability to your portfolio, and you know that you have a so-called 'alternative investment' you can definitely invest in from a holding.

The benefits of investing in whisky at Scotch Whisky Investments

When you are actually convinced that you want to invest from a holding company in whisky, then Scotch Whisky Investments is just around the corner. We have a range of specialists who have been involved in whisky investing for many years, making us the ideal partner to help you invest from a holding in whisky. We combine the required expertise and a keen eye for the future with a good buying position at Scotch distilleries, allowing us to offer you the A to Z help you need to make investing from a holding company a success. We help you select and buy the right bottles and casks of whisky, after which we are also responsible for the storage and quality management of your investment. Then, of course, we will also help you sell the whisky, after which we will hopefully be able to submit a nice return.

Wealth management, Investors Club or THE SWEX

As every investor probably has slightly different views on investing, we have different investment options for our partners to choose from. For instance, you can opt for 'Asset Management' (from €100,000), you can join our Investors Club(from €250,000) or you can invest via our platform THE SWEX, where you can choose from as many as 100,000 unique bottles and bottles in barrel. Want to know more about what we can offer you when it comes to investing from a holding company? Then you can also very easily request our brochure!

Whisky investment from a holding company? Start today!

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