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The world is full of investment options these days, so it is natural for you to wonder what exactly is a good investment and what is not. Chances are, if you have enough money and want to invest it smartly, you have at some point looked for what the best investments are at the moment. Wise choice, because you can only spend your money once and investing obviously involves risks. But what exactly is the best investment out of those countless investment options? In this text, we will try to explain the best way to invest smartly.

Various investment options

If you search for investing on the internet, you will come across all kinds of different investment options. In all cases, however, the one that gives you the most to gain is the one with the highest risk. According to Scotch Whisky Investments, the best investment is one where you can rely on a stable return and thus go for careful capital growth. By investing in whisky, we believe we can achieve this.

Investing in Scotch single malt whisky

Investing in whisky: is that smart investing? According to the experts at Scotch Whisky Investments, it certainly is, and particularly in single malt Scotch whisky. Known for years for class, quality and craftsmanship, this whisky has attracted a new audience in recent decades with serious investors. There is increasing demand for and a continuing scarcity of whisky and, partly due to its low correlation with other financial markets, the prices of Scotch single malt whisky fluctuate much less than other 'standard' investment opportunities. This has a positive impact on your risk exposure and, in addition, you will receive a relatively stable return each year.

Besides the stable returns, investing in whisky is additionally the best investment because you enrich your investment portfolio. You spread your portfolio and therefore your investment risk is reduced. It is important to know that you cannot invest in just any bottle of whisky. In fact, whisky is among the best investments especially when it is 25 years old or older. This is because from that 'age' the price increases exponentially. You can best buy a young bottle of whisky for a few tenner. However, 25-year-old whisky is in limited supply and thus exclusive. That's why you can invest smartly in whisky, and with the help of the experts at Scotch Whisky Investments, it can only turn out to be a good investment!

Scotch Whisky Investments

But what exactly is Scotch Whisky Investments? We are an international organisation born out of passion for whisky, which is convinced of the benefits of investing in the age-old drink. We can help you build returns and wealth with this sound investment in a stable way, without you having to worry about it yourself. We can draw on years of expertise in our trade, a keen eye for the future and a good buying position with Scottish distilleries. In this way, we want to give you confidence that investing in whisky is a good investment and support you all the way.

Not only do we have a centrally located head office in Sassenheim, but we also use a bonded warehouse in Scotland. Here we store and manage casks of whisky and are responsible for the entire process from raw material to finished product. Scotch Whisky Investments only trades in bottles and casks of whisky and, based on our now accumulated knowledge, we can only see the price of Scotch single malt whisky increasing in the coming years. Yet another reason why we can rank investing in whisky among the best investments.

The investment opportunities at Scotch Whisky Investment

Every investor is different and for this reason we offer different investment options. However, always keep in mind that as Scotch Whisky Investments, we take care of every part of your investment: we find the best whiskies, provide safe storage and also take care of the insurance and quality management of your investment. After guiding you to achieve optimal returns without running unnecessary risks, we also help you sell the whisky at the end of the term. In short, then, we can speak of a worry-free future investment, which of course all starts with a personal meeting where we carefully identify your needs and wishes.

Smart investing? Partner with Scotch Whisky Investments!

So, are you looking for a good investment? Then we recommend that you take a look at the investment options at Scotch Whisky Investments so that you can experience the benefits of the best investment in whisky! Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Then feel free to request a brochure or contact us directly. We can be reached every working day between 09:00 and 17:00 by calling 0252-222011 and in addition, you can reach us by email at

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