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The moment you have enough money in the bank and are looking for an alternative to saving, you may have already been looking for how to invest money smartly. There are all kinds of things you can invest money in, but when is something a smart investment? In this text, we will take you through different investment options and let you know exactly what we consider smart investments to be. Because, of course, you can only spend your money once, so smart money investing is important.

Smart money investing in whisky

The smart investment recommended to you by Scotch Whisky Investments enriches your investment portfolio and has equally satisfactory returns. For this reason, it can rightly be called a smart investment. But what kind of investment are we talking about? You may not quite see it coming, but we are talking about investing in whisky. Scottish single malt whisky in particular has attracted a new audience in recent decades. Serious investors are now running away with the drink, which has stood for class, quality and craftsmanship for centuries. And that only benefits the value of whisky.

The benefits of investing in whisky

The reason why investing in whisky is a smart investment is the rising demand and continued scarcity, combined with whisky's low correlation with other financial markets. Whisky prices fluctuate a lot less than the prices of other investment opportunities and partly that fact ensures that you can receive relatively stable returns every year with this smart investment. Experts see an impressive historical value trend every year, showing that compared to other markets, it is smart money investing in whisky. Individuals can still buy young whisky then for a few tens, but whisky at least 25 years old in particular is worth a lot of money and has an exponential increase in price.

So time plays an important role in this smart investment. Whisky aged at least 25 years obviously cannot be made any faster than in 25 years and thus the product remains scarce, exclusive and limited in availability. This makes Scotch single malt whisky a serious option to add to your investment portfolio, and the fact that each bottle of this whisky is unique is certainly to blame as well. On top of that, with this smart investment, you will ensure a diversification of your investment portfolio. This immediately spreads your investment risk a bit more.

Scotch Whisky Investments

Scotch Whisky Investments has been involved in investing in whisky for almost two decades and, as an international organisation, we now have a great deal of expertise in this field. In addition, we are equipped with a good purchasing position with Scotch distilleries and a keen eye for the future. All this ensures that we can help you build up returns and assets in a stable way with this smart investment, without having to worry about it yourself. The value of whisky is only expected to increase even more in the future, so it is not surprising that more and more investors are choosing to invest smart money this way.

Good to know is that Scotch Whisky Investments' head office is in Sassenheim and that we also use a bonded warehouse in Scotland. Here we store and manage our whisky casks and are responsible for the entire process from raw material to finished product. We deal exclusively in rare casks and bottles of whisky, thus supporting investors to create stability in their investment portfolio. There are several ways to invest smart money using Scotch Whisky Investment, where you can be confident that carefree capital growth and stable returns will be achieved. Curious to know what those options might be? You can check that out here!

Smart money investing? Invest in whisky with Scotch Whisky Investments!

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